Preparation of Fire Prevention Adaptation Projects, Electrical System, Aeraulic, Gas, Steam, etc.
Elaboration of all the projects and the necessary procedures for obtaining the Integrated Environmental Authorization, the Single Environmental Authorization and the General Acceptance.
Processing of all the documents necessary for the adaptation in the field of Health and Safety in the Workplaces pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent amendments. For example, Risk Assessment Document, Chemical Risk Assessment, Electrical Risk Assessment, etc.
Emergency Management Plan etc. Processing of all documents for the food sector. For example HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), MOCA Management Plan (Food Contact Materials and Objects), Management and Control Plan for allergen substances, etc. Presentation to the municipality of competence of all the necessary paperwork at the beginning of the activity of a new company. For example Machine Drive, Communication Industry Unhealthy, Communication Art.67 for over three employees etc. Processing of the risk assessment foreseen by the machinery directive, of the use and maintenance manual as well as the planning of everything necessary for the adaptation of the machine to the CE Marking.
Processing of structural projects in iron or other material, such as for example mezzanines, for the storage of material or for the construction of premises including the management of all the activities for regulation to the municipality (SCIA), cadastral and at the office of the Genius Civil Competence (Tuscany Region). Processing of all the projects and practices necessary to carry out any building activity of any type (Example new technical rooms, new offices, etc.).
Provision of all the courses necessary for adapting the corporate structure to current regulations. For example training for Fire Fighter, First Aid Officer, Worker Compulsory Training, Trainer Training, Food Attendant etc. . Please note that all our teachers are qualified.